01 January 2008


Can someone explain to me why so many of my visitors in the last week or two have arrived here as the result of Google (or other) searches for the phrase "jemmerling collection"?

Update 1940 2 Jan: My thanks to the kind person who paused to point me at question 15/6 of the King William's College 2007 General Knowledge Paper. This, it seems, is the 103d edition of a test on which (according to The Guardian) an excellent score is 20%, and on which the average score is two. The test has 18 sets of ten questions, and all ten questions in each set have a common theme, which may or may not be given. (In this case, the ten questions in set 15 all pertain to the Swallows & Amazons books by Arthur Ransome; I can answer nine of them, and I think I know which book to check for the other answer. And I know, or think I know, the answers to 13 of the other 170 questions.)

I'd never heard of King William's College, much less its apparently famous tests, so my thanks go also to all the people who have come here looking for help, and have thus drawn my attention to this. Looks like I'm going to have a little fun for the next week ot few....


Gary said...

I've often thought of you as the most significant jemmerling expert I know of. :-)

Anonymous said...

King William's College Quiz - question 15/6 what species’ addition to the Jemmerling Collection was thwarted?