01 March 2008

Book list - Feb 08

The Scientists - history of science, by John Gribbin
Ice, Iron and Gold - SF, fantasy and AH (short stories), by S M Stirling
Pee-Wee Harris - children's, by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
Wondrous Beginnings - SF (short stories), edited by Steven H Silver and Martin H Greenberg *
Night Train from Memphis - mystery, by Elizabeth Peters
The Wailing Wind - mystery, by Tony Hillerman *
Village Christmas - fiction, by Miss Read
Killoe - western, by Louis L'Amour *
Dance Hall of the Dead - mystery, by Tony Hillerman
The Fallen Man - mystery, by Tony Hillerman
Hunting Badger - mystery, by Tony Hillerman
The Gemini Contenders - thriller, by Robert Ludlum
The Harem of Aman Akbar - fantasy, by Elizabeth Scarborough
Flight 29 Down: Static - YA adventure, by Walter Sorrells
Betsy-Tacy - children's, by Maud Hart Lovelace
Call It Courage - children's, by Armstrong Sperry (Newbery Medal, 1941)
The Royal Switch - children's, by The Duchess of York
Voyage from Yesteryear - SF, by James P Hogan
The Peking Battles Cape Horn - travel, by Irving Johnson
The Bridge at Dong Ha - Vietnam War, by John Grider Miller
Mairelon the Magician - historical/fantasy, by Patricia C Wrede *
Among the Brave - YA, by Margaret Peterson Haddix
The Dark Heart of Time - adventure, by Philip José Farmer

23 books this month; asterisks mark the four rereads. This brings me up to 34 books for the year, just below target (34.66) for my goal of reading 208 books this year.

Pee-Wee Harris was originally published in 1922, the first in a series. I downloaded it from Gutenberg; I already have the second book downloaded (as well as other old books) and standing by.

The one Newbery Medal winner brings my total thus far up to 44 of 87. Halfway there!

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