01 August 2008

Book list - Jul 08

Time to Depart - mystery, by Lindsey Davis
A Dying Light in Corduba - mystery, by Lindsey Davis
Bud, Not Buddy - children's, by Christopher Paul Curtis (Newbery Medal, 2000)
Roman Architecture - ancient history, by Frank Sear *
Three Hands in the Fountain - mystery, by Lindsey Davis
Criss Cross - YA, by Lynne Rae Perkins (Newbery Medal, 2006)
Your Inner Fish - anatomy and evolution, by Neil Shubin
Locomotive: Building an Eight-Wheeler - children's non-fiction, by David Weitzman
Two for the Lions - mystery, by Lindsey Davis
One Virgin Too Many - mystery, by Lindsey Davis
Hit Parade - thriller, by Lawrence Block
Rifles for Watie - children's historical novel, by Harold Keith (Newbery Medal, 1958)
A Voyage Long and Strange: Rediscovering the New World - American history, by Tony Horwitz
Sounder - children's, by William H Armstrong (Newbery Medal, 1970)
Beyond the Deepwoods - children's fantasy, by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell
The Door in the Wall - children's historical novel, by Marguerite de Angeli (Newbery Medal, 1950)
Knights' Ransom - children's historical novel, by S F Welty *
Julie of the Wolves - YA, by Jean Craighead George (Newbery Medal, 1973)
Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang - SF, by Kate Wilhelm

19 books this month; asterisks mark the two rereads. To reach my goal of 208 books this year I need to average 17.33 per month, so I'm now (143 books and a novella) ahead of track (122).

I also started reading Rogue Moon, a science-fiction story by Algis Budrys, but after 60 pages I still wasn't interested in the plot or in any of the characters, so I gave up on it - one of my rare DNFs.

The six Newbery Medal winners bring my total thus far up to 58 of 87.

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