01 March 2009

Victoria Cross: A. E. Sephton


Petty Officer, Royal Navy; HMS Coventry

Born: 19 April 1911, Warrington, Cheshire
Died: 19 May 1941, eastern Mediterranean Sea

Citation: Petty Officer Sephton was Director Layer when H.M.S. Coventry was attacked by aircraft [on 18 May 1941, off Crete], whose fire grievously wounded him. In mortal pain and faint from loss of blood he stood fast doing his duty withhout [sic] fault until the Enemy was driven off. Thereafter until his death his valiant and cheerful spirit gave heart to the wounded. His high example inspired his shipmates and will live in their memory.

(London Gazette Issue 35365 dated 2 Dec 1941, published 28 Nov 1941.)

Note: Petty Officer Sephton's VC was stolen on 25 September 1990 whilst on display in Coventry Cathedral, and has not been recovered.

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