19 July 2009

Victoria Cross: I. Harding


Gunner, Royal Navy; HMS Alexandra

Born: 21 December 1833, Portsmouth,
Died: 22 May 1917, Billingshurst, Sussex

Citation: At about nine o'clock, on the morning of the 11th July [1882], whilst Her Majesty's Ship "Alexandra" was engaging the Forts at Alexandria, a 10-inch spherical shell passed through the ship's side and lodged on the main deck. Mr. Harding hearing the shout "there is a live shell just above the hatchway," rushed up the ladder from below, and, observing that the fuze was burning, took some water from a tub standing near, and threw it over the projectile, then picked up the shell and put it into the tub. Had the shell burst, it would probably have destroyed many lives.

[London Gazette issue 25147 dtd 15 Sep 1882, published 15 Sep 1882.]

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