07 October 2009

RIP: Generalleutnant Günther Rall

Günther Rall
10 Mar 1918 - 4 Oct 2009

Günther Rall, one of Germany's top fighter aces of World War II, died Sunday at his home in Bad Reichenhall, Germany. ZUI this article (in German) from Frankfurter Allgemeine, and also this article at Warbirds.

According to Wikipedia, Rall flew a total of 621 combat missions, was shot down eight times and was wounded thrice. He scored a total of 275 victories, 272 of them on the Eastern Front (including 241 Soviet fighters), flying a Messerschmitt Bf 109. After the war, he served with the West German Air Force; a page on his service (also in German) can be found at their website.

Ace Pilots also has a biography of Rall.

Bundesarchiv photos of Genlt Rall (1970 and 1943) copied from Wikimedia Commons.

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