01 December 2009

Book list - Nov 09

Dead Girl in Love - YA, by Linda Joy Singleton
Gunpowder Empire - AH/SF, by Harry Turtledove
The Mystery of the Cape Cod Tavern - mystery, by Phoebe Atwood Taylor
Proof of the Pudding - mystery, by Phoebe Atwood Taylor
The Solar System and Back - science, by Isaac Asimov *
Of Matters Great and Small - science, by Isaac Asimov *
The Alternate Martians - SF, by A Bertram Chandler *
The Inheritance of Rome: A History of Europe from 400 to 1000 - European history, by Chris Wickham

A very short list this month - only eight books, of which three were rereads. This was due to a) reading another long non-fiction book, and b) wasting way too much time playing games on Facebook. I'm now at 186 books for the year, so to reach my goal of 209, I'll have to read 23 in December. Doable....

No Carnegie Medal winners, so I'm still at 24 of 70.

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