01 May 2010

Book list - Apr 10

The Radium Woman - children's biography, by Eleanor Doorly (Carnegie Medal, 1939)
A Northern Light (aka A Gathering Light) - YA historical fiction, by Jennifer Donnelly (Carnegie Medal, 2003)
Blood Rites - modern fantasy, by Jim Butcher
To Serve My Country, to Serve My Race: The Story of the Only African American WACs Stationed Overseas During World War II - WW II, by Brenda L Moore
Small Favor - modern fantasy, by Jim Butcher *
Visitors from London - children's WWII fiction, by Kitty Barne (Carnegie Medal, 1940)
Storm Front - modern fantasy, by Jim Butcher *
The Wind on the Moon - children's, by Eric Linklater (Carnegie Medal, 1944)
The Story of Your Home - children's non-fiction, by Agnes Allen (Carnegie Medal, 1949)
The Little Grey Men - children's, by "BB" (D J Watkins-Pitchford) (Carnegie Medal, 1942)
The Returners - YA, by Gemma Malley
The 13th Floor: A Ghost Story - children's time travel, by Sid Fleischman
The Night Fairy - children's, by Laura Amy Schlitz
The Importance of Wings - YA, by Robin Friedman
Clementine - children's, by Sara Pennypacker
Sea Change - children's, by Richard Armstrong (Carnegie Medal, 1948)
Time Travelers Never Die - time travel, by Jack McDevitt
Capyboppy - children's non-fiction, by Bill Peet *

18 books last month, with three rereads (marked by asterisks). To reach my goal of 210 books this year, I have to average 17.5 per month, so I'm currently still a little ahead of track.

The seven Carnegie Medal winners bring me up to 35 of 70 - halfway there! My thanks to the Wamogo Library, Litchfield CT; the San Jose College Library, San Jose CA; the Licia and Mason Beekley Community Library, New Hartford CT; the Penfield Libary, SUNY Oswego; the Mark Twain Library, Redding CT; and the Boston Athenaeum for the ILLs.

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