12 September 2010

Victoria Cross: G. Hinckley


Able Seaman, Royal Navy; HMS Sphinx (Naval Brigade)

Born: 22 Jun 1819, Liverpool, Lancashire
Died: 31 Dec 1904, Plymouth, Devonshire

Citation: For volunteering, while under the East Gate of the city of Fung-Wha [on 9 October 1862], to carry to a joss house, a hundred and fifty yards distant, under a heavy and continuous fire of musketry, gingalls and stink-pots, Mr. Coker, Master's Assistant of the "Sphinx," who had been wounded in the advance to the gate; in which object Hinckley succeeded.
On his return to the gate, under a similar fire, he again volunteered, and succeeded in carrying to the joss-house Mr. Bremen, an officer of Ward's force, who had been also wounded in the advance on the gate; and he again returned to his post under the gate.

[London Gazette issue 22705 dtd 6 Feb 1863, published 6 Feb 1863.]

Notes: Fung-Wha, now known as Fenghua, is in eastern China. A gingall (or jingal) is a heavy musket used as light artillery. Stink-pots were incendiary weapons similar to grenades.

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