14 November 2010

Victoria Cross: W. J. Maillard


Surgeon, Royal Navy

Born: 10 March 1863, Banwell, Somerset
Died: 10 September 1903, Bournemouth, Dorsetshire

Citation: On the 6th September, 1898, [at Heraklion, Crete,] during the landing of seamen from Her Majesty’s Ship “Hazard,” Surgeon Maillard, who had disembarked and reached a place of safety, returned through a perfect deluge of bullets to the boat and endeavoured to bring into safety Arthur Stroud, Ordinary Seaman, who had fallen back wounded into the boat as the other men jumped ashore. Surgeon Maillard failed to bring Stroud in only through the boat being adrift, and it being beyond his strength to lift the man (who was almost dead) out of so unstable a platform. Surgeon Maillard returned to his post with his clothes riddled with bullets, though he himself was unhurt.

[London Gazette issue 27019 dated 2 Dec 1898, published 2 Dec 1898.]

Note: Maillard is the only RN medical officer to have received the VC.

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