01 January 2011

Book list - Dec 10

Mysterium - SF/AH, by Robert Charles Wilson
The Yiddish Policemen's Union - AH/mystery, by Michael Chabon
It All Started with Columbus - humour, by Richard Armour *
A Grass Rope - children's, by William Mayne (Carnegie Medal, 1957)
Fire Watch - SF (short stories), by Connie Willis
When London Was Capital of America - English history, by Julie Flavell
The Invisible Chimes - chidren's mystery, by Margaret Sutton

Only seven books last month, with one reread (marked by an asterisk). That brings me up to 183 for the year, well short of my goal of 210. However, we bought a house early this month and have since been busy moving, so there hasn't been as much time for reading as usual.

Actually, The Invisible Chimes may have been a reread, too. I could have sworn I'd only read the first two books in the Judy Bolton series (back around 1970-71), but some of the things that happened in the book seemed awfully familiar, and I had no trouble figuring out how it would end.

The one Carnegie Medal winner brings me up to 48 of 71. I forgot to write down the name of the library that provided the ILL, but if I recall correctly it was the Connecticut State Library Service Centre, Willimantic CT.

The Armour book could also be classified as US history. Its full title, for those who have time to read it, is It All Started with Columbus: Being an Unexpurgated, Unabridged, and Unlikely History of the United States from Christopher Columbus to the Present for Those Who, Having Perused a Volume of History in School, Swore They Would Never Read Another.

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