01 March 2011

Book list - Feb 11

Please Ignore Vera Dietz - YA, by A S King
Moon Over Manifest - children's historical fiction, by Claire Vanderpool (Newbery Medal, 2011)
Cowboy Angels - SF, by Paul McAuley
Murder with Puffins - mystery, by Donna Andrews
Dragonseye (aka Red Star Rising) - SF, by Anne McCaffrey *
All the Weyrs of Pern - SF, by Anne McCaffrey *
Abracadaver - historical mystery, by Peter Lovesey
Here Abide Monsters - fantasy, by Andre Norton *
Elsie and Mairi Go to War: Two Extraordinary Women on the Western Front - WW I, by Diane Atkinson

Nine books last month, with three rereads (marked by asterisks). I'm not setting an official goal this year, though I do expect to read around 200 books.

No Carnegie Medal winners, so I'm still at 48 of 71.


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