03 July 2011

Victoria Cross: E. P. Leach


Captain, Royal Engineers

Born: 2 April 1847, Londonderry, County Londonderry, Ireland
Died: 27 April 1913, Caddenabbia, Lake Como, Italy

Citation: For having, in action with the Shinwarris near Maidanah, Afghanistan, on the 17th March, 1879, when covering the retirement of the Survey Escort who were carrying Lieutenant Barclay, 45th Sikhs, mortally wounded, behaved with the utmost gallantry in charging, with some men of the 45th Sikhs, a very much larger number of the enemy.
In this encounter Captain Leach killed two or three of the enemy himself, and he received a severe wound from an Afghan knife in the left arm. Captain Leach's determination and gallantry in this affair, in attacking and driving back the enemy from the last position, saved the whole party from annihilation.

[London Gazette issue 24790 dated 9 Dec 1879, published 9 Dec 1879.]

Note: The Shinwari are a Pashtun tribe of western Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan.

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