07 August 2011

Victoria Cross: W. N. W. Hewett


Lieutenant, Royal Navy; HMS Beagle

Born: 12 August 1834, Brighton, Sussex
Died: 13 May 1888, RNH Haslar, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Citation: 1st. On the occasion of a repulse of a sortie of Russians by Sir De Lacy Evans' Division on the 26th October, 1854, Mr. Hewett, then Acting-Mate of Her Majesty's Ship "Beagle," was in charge of the Right Lancaster Battery before Sebastopol. The advance of the Russians placed the gun in great jeopardy, their skirmishers advancing within 300 yards of the Battery, and pouring in a sharp fire from their MiniƩ rifles. By some misapprehension the word was passed to spike the gun and retreat; but Mr. Hewett, taking upon himself the responsibility of disregarding the order, replied, that "Such order did not come from Captain Lushington, and he would not do it till it did." Mr. Hewett then pulled down the parapet of the Battery, and with the assistance of some soldiers, got his gun round, and poured upon the advancing column of Russians a most destructive and effective fire.
For the gallantry exhibited on this occasion, the Board of Admiralty promoted him to the rank of Lieutenant.
2nd. On the 5th November, 1854, at the Battle of Inkerman, Captain Lushington again brought before the Commander-in-chief the services of Mr. Hewett, saying, "I have much pleasure in again bringing Mr. Hewett's gallant conduct to your notice."
(Sir S. Lushington to Vice-Admiral Sir J. D. Dundas, inclosed in despatches of 1st November, 1854, and 8th November, 1854).

[London Gazette issue 21971 dated 24 Feb 1857, published 24 Feb 1857.]

Note: At the timeof his death he was Vice Admiral Sir William Hewett VC KCB KCSI.

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