25 September 2011

Victoria Cross: G. L. Goodlake


Brevet Major, Coldstream Guards

Born: 14 May 1832, Wadley, Berkshire
Died: 5 April 1890, Denham, Middlesex

Citation: For distinguished gallantry whilst in command of the sharpshooters furnished by the Coldstream Guards, on the 28th October, 1854, on the occasion of "the powerful sortie on the 2nd Division," when he held the Windmill Ravine, below the Picquet House, against a much larger force of the enemy. The party of sharpshooters then under his command killed thirty-eight (one an officer) and took three prisoners of the enemy, (of the latter, one an Officer) Major Goodlake being the sole Officer in command.
Also, for distinguished gallantry on the occasion of the surprise of a picquet of the enemy, in November, at the bottom of the Windmill Ravine, by the sharpshooters, under his sole leading and command, when the knapsacks and rifles of the enemy's party fell into his hands.

[London Gazette issue 21971 dated 24 Feb 1857, published 24 Feb 1857.]

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