28 December 2011

The King William's College quiz

Here, a few days late, is the 2011 edition of the General Knowledge Paper:

1. In the year 1911:
1 What disaster befell the Asch Building?
2 What was removed from the Salon Carré?
3 Whose stencilled letters included A, B, C, D, O & L?
4 Where were the twin clocks started at George's crowning moment?
5 Who wrote of a multitalented peer and the Warden's grand-daughter?
6 Who explained how the squaws caused pallor in the Jesuit preachers?
7 Who shot to fame during a performance of The Tale of Tsar Saltan?
8 Who took pole position ahead of British opposition?
9 Who silently portrayed Marguerite Gauthier?
10 Who agreed to receive £400 per annum?

1 Who designed forty-four maps for a 120m long corridor?
2 In which map is a cross-legged Caesar Augustus wearing the triregnum?
3 Whose original map of old Gwynedd shows Neptune embracing a naked lady?
4 Who first used continuous and broken lines to indicate fenced and unfenced roads?
5 Whose map can be seen in different paintings by the Delft master in the Rijksmuseum and the Frick Collection?
6 Whose map of the British Isles was decorated with portraits of post-conquest monarchs up to and including James I and Anne of Denmark?
7 Who placed an ostrich and an elephant on the map he presented to Selim I?
8 Which OS competitors included a vignette of Appleby among their county maps?
9 Whose name was adopted for a cartographic museum in the Land de Waas?
10 Who made a presentation of a giant atlas to the king on his restoration?

1 Who found a cut above in coping with melancholy?
2 Which of Bolingbroke's nephews was the celebrated patron of early exploration?
3 Who wrote about a harpsichordist and a pioneer aviator and won gold in Stockholm?
4 Who, by virtue of his marriage, was required to expel all Jews who failed to convert to "New Christians"?
5 Who allied his army with that of the deposed Sultan, but died in his attempt to conquer the Moorish infidels?
6 Which theologian, although numerically misplaced, was an authority on both ophthalmology and gynaecology?
7 Who had the captain of the Concepción decapitated, then drawn and quartered, for mutiny at Puerto San Julian?
8 Whose support of Pedro in his tussle with his brother necessitated escape in a wine barrel?
9 Who, as queen dowager of one country, became regent in the country of her birth?
10 Who disobeyed his prime minister and surrendered on 19 December?

4. Which tale or tales:
1 is all about Hester's badge of shame?
2 investigates the murder of Robert Ablett?
3 describes Lamb's problems in the Banda Orientál?
4 relates the heroic story of the survivor from Charybdis?
5 describes the criminal activities of Alex, Dim, Georgie and Pete?
6 describes a prize fight between the gamekeeper and the coxswain at the Dripping Pan?
7 considers the murder of an expat philanderer in East Africa?
8 tells of how Dick and the outlaw dress up as friars?
9 are set in the moorlands above Tweedsmuir?
10 reveals the ghost of a don at All Saints'?

5. What:
1 brings light?
2 is named for its inactivity?
3 has a malodorous tetroxide?
4 has a particularly frustrating resistance to corrosion?
5 Skärgård settlement has shared its name with four examples?
6 was named as the daughter of 4, but only shed its alternative name in 1949?
7 was alleged by some to be a pun on its discoverer's name?
8 sounds like some sort of hobgoblin?
9 was identified in Lochaber?
10 quite simply stinks?

6. What:
1 is a deadly oxymoron?
2 has insecticide properties?
3 could be a cheap form of confectionery?
4 grotesque body has achieved a girth of 64 inches?
5 two names, applied to a firelighter suggest muscle relaxation and recall kitchen negligence?
6 better known as one of Rainier's features, is the most common source of what favourite hallucinogen?
7 sinister form of headgear probably accounted for a Holy Roman Emperor?
8 parasite is nominally associated with Iscariot?
9 precious stone is deceitful?
10 is also a lamellibranch?

1 Where is Maddison's Golden Boy?
2 What was named, literally, Salt-pans by the Romans?
3 Where do a few surviving hedges keep alive our lost Elysium?
4 As what did an American president describe the Libyan dictator?
5 Where did close neighbours claim the invention of a device for observing at a distance?
6 Where can a little-changed double row of trees still be seen 322 years after its capture on canvas?
7 In which Study did Sir James, disappointingly, marry Celia instead of her sister?
8 What on first sight was thought to be a classically educated crotalid?
9 Whence did the Spitfires fly during The Battle of Britain?
10 Who dramatised a notorious cutter of purses?

8. What:
1 distinguishes armillata?
2 title was inaugurated before Agincourt?
3 else did he end apart from PM, CH and OM?
4 action did his inamorata take prior to the duet?
5 did fat-guts command that Harry should use to hang himself?
6 function was required of Bertha's garter during the trip from Mannheim to Pforzheim and back?
7 sartorial feature earned comment from Lear's Fool?
8 was dangling from Buckingham's death bed?
9 does make some obstruction of the blood?
10 might I have as a threat of punishment?

9. Where:
1 does the train stop in silence?
2 did Hilda extract a badly mauled shrimp?
3 is an execution remembered annually in October?
4 did the town nominally suffer episcopal deprivation?
5 was a village store opened which would become the world's largest?
6 did Sir John entrust his foundation to one of the Livery Companies?
7 is there a fully clothed life-sized wax effigy of Sarah?
8 did the doctor use an old bream as a weathercock?
9 did the bishopric exist for just nineteen years?
10 is there a statue to the corn deity?

1 Who took on three regencies?
2 Which consort outlived the King by 61 years?
3 Who steered behind the umbrella on Lake Maggiore?
4 Who received details of the School of Pain from her invalid cousin?
5 Whose love for one was like the foliage in the woods, but for the other resembled the eternal rocks beneath?
6 Whose love letter included the words "I wode you war wythe me now that you mouthe se wat pane I take yn wryteg to you"?
7 What request received the response "what, in the midst of the street?"?
8 Whose canine collection included items about clouds and sky?
9 Whose dancing is likened to a jelly on a plate?
10 Who recently excluded obedience?

11. Where:
1 is the aluminium Majestas?
2 has the gondola been suspended since 1906?
3 can the bells be heard ringing beneath the water?
4 where could 30 candles be lit across a flat stone?
5 was there a fatal derailment on the first day of service?
6 was the iron-work protected from corrosion with linseed oil and not, as Alice was told, with wine?
7 did the polyglot Victorian traveller try out his Arabic?
8 did Babs lie buried in the dunes for 42 years?
9 did Baldwin meet Rhys for the second time?
10 did the French surrender at the Royal Oak?

12. Unmask:
1 Rosa
2 Aymer
3 Reinmar
4 Clarence Donne
5 Alexander Thomson
6 Captain Theophilus Digby
7 Andrew Watson
8 James Smith
9 Newsom
10 Tuke

1 What were Uasini Maconoa
2 What mixture is favoured by the poacher?
3 Where did York and Suffolk have a bloody embrace?
4 What is the annual award for the best imaginary prose writer?
5 What heavenly body became synonymous with the abuse of Royal power?
6 Where did the little gentleman in black velvet cause a clavicular fracture?
7 Where were paired cast iron lighthouses erected on the beach?
8 Whose name was used by Lugard for a new coal outlet?
9 From where is it only a mile over the hill to Esnes?
10 What, where is juglandaceous?

1 What is viscivorus?
2 Who was the victim of Bowman Passer?
3 What name was given to 9903 and 2001?
4 What imposter combines engraulids with scrambled egg?
5 What alludes to two losses and uncertainty about the way forward?
6 Whose wife was likened by his friend to a white antelope from Snowdonia?
7 Who directed the disappearance of a spinster in Mandrika?
8 What operation cleared a Limburg geometrical feature?
9 Who got 4 in 4, 5 in 6, 6 in 9 and 7 in 11?
10 What characterises Jock Scott's cheeks?

15. Which character rhymed:
1 tussle and muscle?
2 knowledge, he and apology?
3 Chamberlain and moral stain?
4 kindred soul and sausage-roll?
5 everybody earns and income-tax returns?
6 wrote of Queen Anne and Sodor and Man?
7 Parliamentary hive and or Conservative?
8 been acuter and simple pewter?
9 lot o' news and hypotenuse?
10 Horace and Morris?

16. Which patriot of which country:
1 was eulogized by Harry
2 died at the hand of one who had started life as Ramachandra?
3 was declared innocent following a retrial 25 years after execution?
4 wrote about the execution of Gerhard and was murdered by the Gestapo?
5 anticipated Latimer and Ridley by 140 years and uttered in Latin "Holy Simplicity"?
6 founded a journal in London, which would have been translated as Thought and Action?
7 the son of a general and senator, shot the Governor General and then himself?
8 was hanged publicly 28 months after the start of the January Uprising?
9 was defrocked and later executed following betrayal by Elizondo?
10 was reburied 31 years after his secret execution?

1 Who started off as Nijntje?
2 Who played patty-cake with Acme?
3 Who was the tyrannical leader of the Efrafans?
4 As what did the Australian dog perceive the gentleman dancing on an ashpit?
5 Which swamp-dweller sustained auricular damage prior to rescue from the Black Serpent?
6 Whose marital violence led indirectly to the accidental drowning of his baby daughter Rebecca June?
7 What popular design was started by an Augustinian Canoness of the Lateran?
8 Who put on spectacles and was directed to begin at the beginning?
9 Who brewed very good ale for gentlemen?
10 What is essentially cheese on toast?

18. During 2011:
1 who looked a million dollars?
2 which white mouse has left the Star and Garter?
3 where did Kid Cassidy get over a very nasty shock?
4 which obdurate crustacean has very sadly had to call "Over"?
5 which sometime successor to Isaac Barrow found his position untenable?
6 where was it admitted that with the benefit of historical hindsight we can all see things which we would wish had been done differently, or not at all?
7 why will Col Reynolds and Lord Meldrum never be the same?
8 whose killing thrust heralded a monumental redundancy?
9 who crawled charitably through Bablock Hythe?
10 which head was axed at the Tower?

This time round, I know offhand (or think I do) the answers to four of the 180 questions....

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