01 April 2012

George Cross: B. Spillett


Born: 1937
Died: 16 January 1965

Citation: The QUEEN has been graciously pleased to make the undermentioned award:
Brian SPILLETT (deceased), Detail Fitter, Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire.

A fire broke out at a house, the home of a man and his wife and their child and the grandfather. The fire had reached an advanced stage when the family were aroused and it was only with great difficulty that the wife and child and the grandfather escaped. The father was still in the house when Mr. Spillett, attracted by shouting, came from his house a few doors away. He arrived only partly dressed. When he reached the door of the house both downstairs and upstairs were a mass of flames. Mr. Spillett enquired whether everyone was out of the house and on learning the father was still in it on the first floor, he ran straight into the flames. Attempts to hold him back were brushed aside. Mr. Spillett reached the first floor but was unable to rescue the father. By now the inside of the house was a blazing inferno and he only managed to escape himself by jumping through a first floor window. He was found some time later in the garden of an adjoining house, very extensively burnt and with other serious injuries. He died in hospital a week later. Mr. Spillett sacrificed his life in an effort to save that of a neighbour.

[London Gazette issue 43698 dated 29 June 1965, published 25 June 1965.]

Note: A detail fitter in civilian life, Mr Spillett was also a Lance-Bombardier in the Territorial Army (P Battery, 289 Parachute Light Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery).

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Anonymous said...

I am the baby who was saved from the fire. I am now 48 years old and found your research most interesting as i have very limited knowledge of what actually happened.