24 June 2012

Victoria Cross: H. A. Carter


Lieutenant, Number 6 Company, Indian Mounted Infantry

Born: 26 May 1874, Exeter, Devon
Died: 13 January 1916, St Erth, Cornwall

Citation: During a reconnaissance near Jidballi, on 19th December, 1903, when the two Sections of the Poona Mounted Infantry and the Tribal Horse were retiring before a force of Dervishes which outnumbered them by thirty to one, Lieutenant Carter rode back alone, a distance of four hundred yards, to the assistance of Private Jai Singh, who had lost his horse, and was closely pursued by a large number of the enemy, and, taking the Sepoy up behind him, brought him safely away.
When Lieutenant Carter reached Private Jai Singh, the Sections were several hundred yards off.

************* *** *************

In consequence of the above, the appointment of this Officer to the Distinguished Service Order, which was notified in the London Gazette of 7th June, 1904, is cancelled.

[London Gazette issue 27742 dated 9 Dec 1904, published 9 Dec 1904.]

Note: Jidballi, or Jidbaale, is in the Sanaag region of what was then Somaliland, and is now part of northern Somalia.

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