08 August 2013

Darths & Droids: Episode V

The first strip of Darths & Droids Episode V: The Enemy Let Slip was posted today. For those who aren't familiar with Darths & Droids, it's a webcomic using screencaps from the Star Wars films; the idea is that the movies are episodes of a science-fiction role-playing game, played (of course) in a world where said movies don't exist.

The first four episodes were:

I. The Phantasmal Malevolence
II. The Silence of the Clones
III. Revelation of the Sith
IV. A New Generation

Darths & Droids is a branch, so to speak, of Irregular Webcomic!, a largely Lego-based webcomic created by Australian optical engineer David Morgan-Mar. He and his friends (known collectively as the Comic Strip Irregulars) began Darths & Droids as a response to Shamus Young's DM of the Rings, which used screencaps to treat the Lord of the Rings movies as episodes of a fantasy RPG.

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