10 November 2006

This day in history: 10 Nov

1775: The Second Continental Congress passed a resolution creating two battalions of Continental Marines.

1865: Major Henry Wirz, commandant of the Confederate POW camp at Andersonville, Georgia, was hanged - the only man executed for war crimes in the US Civil War.

1871: Henry Morton Stanley met up with Dr David Livingstone near Lake Tanganyika: "Doctor Livingstone, I presume?"

1928: The Shōwa Emperor, 124th emperor of Japan, was crowned in Kyoto.

1944: USS Mount Hood (AE 11) exploded in Seeadler Harbour, Manus, in the Admiralty Islands: 45 known dead, 327 missing and 371 injured, and numerous ships and small craft damaged or destroyed.

1954: The Marine Corps War Memorial, in Arlington National Cemetery, was dedicated by President Dwight D Eisenhower.

1969: The first episode of Sesame Street was aired on PBS.

1970: Luna 17, carrying the Lunokhod 1 lunar rover, was launched.

1975: SS Edmund Fitzgerald sank during a severe storm on Lake Superior. All 29 men on board were lost.

Cornstalk (1720?-1777), Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881-1938), Chuck Connors (1921-1992) and Irv Kupcinet (1912-2003) died on this date.

And happy birthday to François Couperin (1668-1733), William Hogarth (1697-1764), Friedrich von Schiller (1759-1805), Andrei Tupolev (1888-1972), John Knudsen Northrop (1895-1981), Russell Johnson (1924-TBD), Richard Burton CBE (1925-1984) and Ennio Morricone (1928-TBD).

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