02 March 2007

CVO awarded for services to children's literacy

I finally got a chance to look at the New Year Honours List for 2007, though I haven't had time to read it in detail yet. Just scanning through it, I didn't see any names that meant anything to me immediately, but one entry under the Royal Victorian Order did catch my eye:

To be Commanders:
Peter Charles ORTON. For services to Children’s Literacy.

Looking around the Web, I found an article from the Swindon Advertiser.
The creator of Bob the Builder and president of Wootton Bassett Rugby Club has been fixed up with an honour from the Queen.

Peter Orton, who was the brains behind the children's TV character and last summer's children's party at Buckingham Palace, has been appointed a Commander of the Victorian Order by Her Majesty for his contribution to children's literacy.

Mr Orton founded the children's TV production company, HIT Entertainment, where Bob the Builder started his life and where Thomas The Tank Engine, Barny the Dinosaur and Pingu have their homes. He has lived on a farm in Wootton Bassett for 28 years and said he was humbled by the royal honour. "To be appointed to the Victoria Order by Her Majesty is incredibly humbling, but also incredibly exciting," he said.


Mr Orton will receive the appointment from Her Majesty on Wednesday, June 20, the anniversary of Queen Victoria's accession, at Buckingham Palace.

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