23 March 2007

Submarine haiku

I was inspired (I think that's the right word, anyway) to write some submarine haiku a few days ago.

SSN at sea:
Fast and black, never come back.
Flooding drill today.

Moves silently through the deep -
Five knots to nowhere.

DBF!! But now
Only fast boats and boomers
Are in our Navy.

Just two kinds of ships -
Submarines and their targets.
Going deep is good.

On the snowy pier
A shivering topside watch
Waits for his coffee.

Topside wants coffee?
He'll have to wait until I
Finish my next round.

(For the non-bubbleheads who read this, an SSN is a fast-attack submarine, an SSBN is a ballistic-missile submarine, and "DBF" means "Diesel Boats Forever." "Fast and black and never come back," "Five knots to nowhere," and "There are two kinds of ships: Submarines and targets" are common sayings in the submarine force.)

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