03 June 2007

Victoria Cross: G. Ingouville and G. D. Dowell


Captain of the Mast, Royal Navy; HMS Arrogant

Born: 7 October 1826, St Saviour, Jersey, Channel Islands

Citation: On the 13th of July, 1855, while the boats of the "Arrogant" were engaged with the enemy's gun-boats off Viborg, her second cutter was swamped by the blowing up of her magazine, and drifted under a battery. Notwithstanding that he was wounded in the arm, and that the boat was under a very heavy fire, Ingouville, without any order to do so, jumped overboard, caught hold of her painter, and saved her.
(Despatch from Captain Yelverton, 18th November, 1855, and Rear-Admiral Honourable Sir R. T. [sic] Dundas, 12th December, 1855, No. 759.)

(London Gazette Issue 21971 dated 24 Feb 1857, published 24 Feb 1857.)


Lieutenant, Royal Marine Artillery; HMS Magicienne

Born: 15 February 1831, Chichester, Sussex

Citation: An explosion having occurred in one of the rocket-boats of the "Arrogant," during the attack on some forts near Viborg [on 13 July 1855], Lieutenant Dowell (who was on board the "Ruby" gunboat, while his own boat was receiving a supply of rockets) was the first to jump into the quarter-boat of the "Ruby," and with three volunteers, himself pulling the stroke-oar, proceeded instantly, under a heavy fire of grape and musketry, to the assistance of the cutter's crew. The Russians endeavoured to prevent his object of saving the men and boat, but Lieutenant Dowell succeeded in taking up three of the boat's crew and placing them on board the "Ruby;" and, on his returning to the spot, was mainly instrumental in keeping afloat, and bringing off the sinking cutter.
(Despatch from Rear-Admiral Honourable Sir R. S. Dundas, 17th July, 1855, and Letter from Colonel Wesley, Deputy Adjutant-General of Royal Marines.)

(London Gazette Issue 21971 dated 24 Feb 1857, published 24 Feb 1857.)

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