15 July 2007

Victoria Cross: A. J. T. Fleming-Sandes


Temporary Second Lieutenant, 2nd Battalion The East Surrey Regiment

Born: 24 June 1894, Tulse Hill, London

Citation: For most conspicuous bravery at Hohenzollern Redoubt on 29th September, 1915. Second Lieutenant Fleming-Sandes was sent to command a company which at the time was in a very critical position. The troops on his right were retiring and his own men, who were much shaken by continual bombing and machine-gun fire, were also beginning to retire owing to shortage of bombs. Taking in the situation at a glance, he collected a few bombs, jumped on the parapet in full view of the Germans, who were only twenty yards away, and threw them.
Although very severely wounded almost at once by a bomb, he struggled to his feet and continued to advance and throw bombs till he was again severely wounded. This most gallant act put new heart into his men, rallied them and saved the situation.

(London Gazette Issue 29371 dated 18 Nov 1915, published 16 Nov 1915.)

Note: 2nd Lt Fleming-Sandes's first name was given in Gazette issue 29371 as Arthur. An amendment printed in Issue 29381 (dated and published 26 Nov 1915) reads:
The first Christian name of Second Lieutenant A. J. T. Fleming-Sandes, V.C., 2nd Battalion, The East Surrey Regiment, is "Alfred," and not as published in the London Gazette of the 18th instant.