02 December 2007

Burger (3 lbs) and fries (5 lbs)

My old shipmates Dave and Carey, together with some friends, went to the Niner Diner in Nanty Glo PA this weekend to try their luck at Tiny's Challenge: Eat a three-pound hamburger, accompanied by five pounds of French fries, in less than two hours, and it's free.* Yum.

Dave has his after-action report up on his blog now.

Update 5 Dec: Jill, one of the other participants, has some brief videos up at YouTube.

* $21.95 otherwise, according to the Niner Diner menu.

1 comment:

bothenook said...

holy CRAP. i've been known to be a slunge gut, but that looks like a great way to get sick as hell. but it would be fun trying!
and who else but our own megamunch would report so eloquently about pigging out.