25 December 2007

Xmas with 40 Commando

ZUI this article from the MoD Defence News:
Chefs from 40 Commando Royal Marines have been doing their bit to bring Christmas cheer to troops serving in Afghanistan by serving a festive dinner to colleagues on the front line.

Some of the commando chefs have been cooking for Royal Marines at Camp Bastion in Helmand Province while their colleagues located at some of the Forward Operating Bases have been doing likewise for the men of 40 Commando operating on the front line over Christmas.

Being commando-trained, the chefs can expect to help with sentry duties and go out on patrols as well as carrying out their culinary tasks. Marines at Camp Bastion will visit the galley – the tradition of naval terminology being maintained even in the middle of the desert.


Christmas lunch is traditionally served by the officers and Senior NCOs of the Commando unit and this year will be no different. One of those officers, Captain Mark Elliott, Adjutant of 40 Commando, said:

"It’s a long-standing tradition within the Royal Marines that officers serve the Marines their Christmas dinner by way of thanking them for their hard work throughout the year. Luckily for them, we don’t actually cook it!"

A full menu was expected to be served to the Marines today, including prawn cocktail, soup, roast beef, ham and of course the traditional turkey with all the trimmings.

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