01 February 2008

This is boot camp?

ZUI this article from MoD Defence News:
Recruits at the Regional Army Training Centre at Pirbright in Surrey are to move into the last of seven brand new accommodation blocks following a formal opening ceremony today, Friday 25 January 2008.


They will be occupied by Phase 1 recruits on their initial 14-week basic training – the first stage of the transition from civilian to soldier – required of all entrants to the Regular and Territorial Army.

Each dormitory is partitioned into three separate areas, each with four beds, with individual wardrobes and storage cupboards providing a degree of individual privacy. On each floor there are four dormitories, with dedicated sanitary facilities, utility rooms, baggage stores, and communal and recreation areas. A platoon office and a 'duty of care' en suite bedroom are located on each floor, to ensure good visibility of personnel passing through the communal areas.

"Dormitory"? "Individual wardrobes"? "Individual privacy"? Sure doesn't sound like boot camp as I knew it, and I'm sure it doesn't bear much resemblance to the barracks my high-school friends lived in when they went through BCT. Here's a picture:

Wonder what RN barracks are like....

Ministry of Defence photograph © Crown Copyright/MOD 2008.

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