30 April 2008

WTHS class of '73 (+/- 1) reunion

Just in case anybody who graduated from Waukegan High School in the early '70s should stumble across this, the following is copied from here:
Event Date: 9/13/2008
Event Name: Class of 73 (72 and 74) Block Party

Details: We have scheduled the 35th class reunion for Saturday - Sept 13th, 2008. The city of Waukegan, which is extremely excited to have us celebrating in Waukegan, will be blocking off the section of Genesee Street in front of Hussey's Downtown Tavern so we can have a block party type event. There will be a tent, food, drink, music and plenty of other entertainment. In addition to the Waukegan class of 1973, it has been expanded to include the classes of 1972 and 1974.

We are developing a contact list for this event and would appreciate you forwarding ANY information you might have for people in the classes of 1972, 1973 and 1974. Names, e-mail and regular mail addresses, phone number (whatever you may have) can be sent to wkgnclassof1973@att.net for inclusion in the list. Even if you don't plan on attending this reunion, please send us your information so we can update the records for future correspondences.

Other: We are eager to add new members to the planning committee, especially people from the classes of 1972 and 1974. Even if you are not sure you can afford the time, not have anything to offer, etc. we can use everyones input - so please consider joining us. If you have any questions, please email wkgnclassof1973@att.net.

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