01 May 2008

Book list - Apr 08

The Alpine Escape - mystery, by Mary Daheim
The Letter, the Witch and the Ring - children's gothic, by John Bellairs
The Ghost in the Mirror - children's gothic, by John Bellairs and Brad Strickland
A Voice for Princess - fantasy, by John Morressy
The Vengeance of the Witch-Finder - children's gothic, by John Bellairs and Brad Strickland
Another Round at the Spaceport Bar - SF (short stories), edited by George H Scithers and Darrell Schweitzer
The Alpine Gamble - mystery, by Mary Daheim
The Summer of the Swans - children's, by Betsy Byars (Newbery Medal, 1971)
"Winterfair Gifts" - SF, by Lois McMaster Bujold
The Iron Hand of Mars - mystery, by Lindsey Davis
Stolen Years - WWII memoirs, by Maita Floyd
A Single Shard - children's historical novel, by Linda Sue Park (Newbery Medal, 2002)
Poseidon's Gold - mystery, by Lindsey Davis
Gentle's Holler - children's, by Kerry Madden
Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters - memoirs, by Dick Winters with Cole C Kingseed
Escape From Memory - children's, by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Last Act in Palmyra - mystery, by Lindsey Davis
Eifelheim - SF, by Michael Flynn
Over the Gate - fiction, by Miss Read
Penny from Heaven - YA, by Jennifer Holm
When the Dancing Stopped - nautical history, by Brian Hicks
The Higher Power of Lucky - YA, by Susan Patron (Newbery Medal, 2007)
Small Favor - urban fantasy, by Jim Butcher
In the Courts of the Crimson Kings - AH/SF, by S M Stirling
Illegal Aliens - SF, by Nick Pollotta and Phil Foglio
Ghost Ship - nautical history, by Brian Hicks
Homecoming - children's fiction, by Cynthia Voigt

26 books and one novella this month, with no rereads (though I have read the original novella "Eifelheim," published in Analog in 1986, which was expanded into the novel). To reach my goal of 208 books this year I need to read 17.33 per month, so I'm now (94, including the novella) well ahead of track (69).

The three Newbery Medal winners bring my total thus far up to 48 of 87.

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