02 July 2008

RIP: Francesco Domenico Chiarello

Francesco Domenico Chiarello
5 Nov 1898 - 27 Jun 2008

ZUI this article from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation:
One of the last veterans of World War I, Italian man Francesco Domenico Chiarello, has died at the age of 109, the defence ministry said overnight.


Mr Chiarello died on Friday in the Calabria region of southern Italy where he was born on November 5, 1898.


Italy now has only one surviving veteran of the Great War, Delfino Borroni, 109, who lives in the country's north.

ZUI also my last post regarding WWI veterans.

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Brigid said...

Thanks for the comment today. . . my big bro was on the Seawolf and the Halibut. .

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