01 September 2008

Book list - Aug 08

Ode to a Banker - mystery, by Lindsey Davis
Maniac Magee - YA, by Jerry Spinelli (Newbery Medal, 1991)
A Body in the Bath House - mystery, by Lindsey Davis
The Fairacre Festival - fiction, by Miss Read
Crazy Time - SF, by Kate Wilhelm
Tyler's Row - fiction, by Miss Read
King, Kaiser, Tsar: Three Royal Cousins Who Led the World to War - European history, by Catrine Clay
The Jupiter Myth - mystery, by Lindsey Davis
Brian's Winter - YA, by Gary Paulsen
Missing May - YA, by Cynthia Rylant (Newbery Medal, 1993)
Walk Two Moons - YA, by Sharon Creech (Newbery Medal, 1995)
The Accusers - mystery, by Lindsey Davis
The Long Summer: How Climate Changed Civilization - ancient history, by Brian Fagan *
Scandal Takes a Holiday - mystery, by Lindsey Davis
Frozen Earth: The Once and Future Story of Ice Ages - science, by Doug Macdougall
See Delphi and Die - mystery, by Lindsey Davis
The Little Ice Age: How Climate Made History, 1300-1850 - European history, by Brian Fagan *
Snowball Earth: The Story of the Great Global Catastrophe That Spawned Life As We Know It - science, by Gabrielle Walker
Shadow of a Bull - children's, by Maia Wojciechowska (Newbery Medal, 1965)
The House on the Gulf - YA, by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Ruby Holler - YA, by Sharon Creech (Carnegie Medal, 2002)
Saturnalia - mystery, by Lindsey Davis

22 books this month; asterisks mark the two rereads. To reach my goal of 208 books this year I need to average 17.33 per month, so I'm still (165 books and a novella) over a month ahead of track (139).

I've now read all 18 of the Marcus Didius Falco mysteries that have been published so far. According to the author's website, the 19th book - Alexandria - will be published next year in both the US and the UK. And she's already promised a 20th, presumably to come out in 2010. I can't wait....

The four Newbery Medal winners bring my total thus far up to 62 of 87. (And the one Carnegie Medal winner brings me up to seven of 69.)

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