02 January 2010

The WWII reading challenge

Back in September I signed up for the World War II reading challenge at War through the Generations. The challenge ran from 1 January 09 to 31 December 09; I had already read three WWII books (two non-fiction, on fiction) by the time I learned of the challenge, so I signed up for a total of six books. Unfortunately, it slipped my mind whilst doing my December reading that I hadn't read a WWII book in November, so I ended up reading only five:

Shadows in the Jungle: The Alamo Scouts Behind Japanese Lines in World War II, by Larry Alexander
The Silver Sword (aka Escape from Warsaw), by Ian Serraillier
Battleship Bismarck: A Survivor's Story, by Baron Burkard von Müllenheim-Rechberg.
Dust on the Sea, by Douglas Reeman
Night of the Fox, by Jack Higgins

The Deadly Sunshade, an Asey Mayo mystery by Phoebe Atwood Taylor, is set during the war, and one of the story threads deals with women arming themselves in case of a German invasion of Cape Cod, but I think it would be stretching things a bit to include that in my total....

This year's challenge from War through the Generations is to read five or more books about the Vietnam War

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