01 August 2010

Book list - Jul 10

The Great Explosion - SF, by Eric Frank Russell
A Sporting Chance: Unusual Methods of Hunting - hunting, by Daniel P Mannix *
Enchanted Glass - YA modern fantasy, by Diana Wynne Jones
Tell Me a Secret - YA, by Holly Cupala
The Face on the Milk Carton - YA, by Caroline B Cooney
A Tale of Time City - YA time travel, by Diana Wynne Jones

Only six books last month, with one reread (marked by an asterisk). To reach my goal of 210 books this year, I have to average 17.5 per month, so I've now fallen behind, but I'll catch up. I did also read parts of a few other books, but found some of the stories therein to be boring enough that I didn't finish the books:
The First Heroes: New Tales of the Bronze Age - historical fiction (short stories), edited by Noreen Mary Doyle
Dreamwish Beasts and Snarks - SF (short stories), by Michael D Resnick
Isaac Asimov's Near Futures and Far - SF (short stories), edited by George Scithers

No Carnegie Medal winners last month, so I'm still at 39 of 71.

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