29 August 2010

Victoria Cross: S. Hodge


Private, 4th West India Regiment

Born: c 1840, Tortola, Virgin Islands
Died: 14 January 1868, Belize City, Belize

Citation: For his bravery at the storming and capture of the stockaded town of Tubabecolong, in the kingdom of Barra, River Gambia, on the evening of the 30th of June last [1866]. Colonel D'Arcy, of the Gambia Volunteers, states that this man and another, who was afterwards killed, - pioneers in the 4th West India Regiment, - answered his call for volunteers, with axes in hand, to hew down the stockade. Colonel D'Arcy having effected an entrance, Private Hodge followed him through the town, opening with his axe two gates from the inside, which were barricaded, so allowing the supports to enter, who carried the place from east to west at the point of the bayonet. On issuing to the glacis through the west gate, Private Hodge was presented by Colonel D'Arcy to his comrades, as the bravest soldier in their regiment, a fact which they acknowledged with loud acclamations.

[London Gazette issue 23205 dtd 4 Jan 1867, published 4 Jan 1867.]

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