01 October 2010

Book list - Sep 10

The Swamp Shack Mystery - children's mystery, by Mary Urmston *
Three Hearts and Three Lions - fantasy, by Poul Anderson *
Collected Stories for Children - children's (short stories), by Walter de la Mare (Carnegie Medal, 1947)
City of Gold and Other Stories from the Old Testament - children's Bible stories (short stories), by Peter Dickinson (Carnegie Medal, 1980)
Invasion of the Sea - SF, by Jules Verne
The Twisted Claw - children's mystery, by "Franklin W Dixon" *
Noninterference - SF, by Harry Turtledove *
Anson's Way - children's historical fiction, by Gary D Schmidt
Kaleidoscope - SF, fantasy and AH (short stories), by Harry Turtledove
The Secret of Skull Mountain - children's mystery, by "Franklin W Dixon" *
It All Started with Stones and Clubs - humour, by Richard Armour *
The 7 Professors of the Far North - children's adventure, by John Fardell
Earthgrip - SF, by Harry Turtledove
The Mystery of Skull Cap Island - children's mystery, by Marion Garthwaite *
The Ballad of Beta-2 - SF, by Samuel R Delany *
The Flight of the Silver Turtle - children's adventure, by John Fardell

Sixteen books last month, with eight rereads (marked by asterisks). To reach my goal of 210 books this year, I have to average 17.5 per month; I may not be able to catch up.

The two Carnegie Medal winners bring me up to 42 of 71. My thanks to the Eastern Connecticut State College Library, Willimantic CT, and the Andover Public Library, Andover CT, for the ILLs.

The Armour book could also be classified as military history. The full title, for those who have time to read it, is It All Started with Stones and Clubs: Being a Short History of War and Weaponry From Earliest Times to the Present, Noting the Gratifying Progress Made by Man Since His First Crude, Small-Scale Efforts to Do Away with Those Who Disagreed with Him.

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