01 December 2010

Book list - Nov 10

Can You Trust a Tomato in January?: Everything You Wanted to Know (and a Few Things You Didn't) About Food in the Grocery Store - food, by Vince Staten
Under the Blood-Red Sun - YA historical fiction, by Graham Salisbury
Hitler's Canary - YA historical fiction, by Sandi Toksvig
Future Eden: A Brief History of Next Time - YA SF, by Colin Thompson
Flambards - YA historical fiction, by K M Peyton
The Edge of the Cloud - YA historical fiction, by K M Peyton (Carnegie Medal, 1969)
The Shield of Time - time travel, by Poul Anderson *
Flambards in Summer - YA historical fiction, by K M Peyton
The Vanishing Shadow - children's mystery, by Margaret Sutton *
The Scarecrows - YA, by Robert Westfall (Carnegie Medal, 1981)
Enchanted Ivy - YA modern fantasy, by Sarah Beth Durst
Secret Water - children's, by Arthur Ransome
Rival Rails: The Race to Build America's Greatest Transcontinental Railroad - US history, by Walter R Borneman
The Wool-pack - children's historical fiction, by Cynthia Harnett (Carnegie Medal, 1951)
Myth-Interpretations - fantasy and SF (short stories), by Robert Lynn Asprin
The Haunted Attic - children's mystery, by Margaret Sutton *
Bearing the Saint - YA historical fiction, by Donna Farley

17 books last month, with three rereads (marked by asterisks). To reach my goal of 210 books this year, I'll have to read 34 in December, and that's not going to happen unless I'm stuck in bed for a week or two. Oh, well....

The three Carnegie Medal winners bring me up to 47 of 71. My thanks to the Wilton Library Association, Wilton CT; the McAlester Public Library, McAlester OK; and the Southern Connecticut State University Library, New Haven CT, for the ILLs.

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