01 April 2011

Book list - Mar 11

The Tick of Death (aka Invitation to a Dynamite Party) - historical mystery, by Peter Lovesey
Revenge of the Wrought-Iron Flamingos - mystery, by Donna Andrews
Time for the Stars - SF, by Robert A Heinlein *
The Shadows - children's fantasy, by Jacqueline West
Dragonsinger - SF, by Anne McCaffrey *
The Skies of Pern - SF, by Anne McCaffrey *
We'll Always Have Parrots - mystery, by Donna Andrews
A Great Big Ugly Man Came up and Tied His Horse to Me: A Book of Nonsense Verse - children's poetry, compiled and illustrated by Wallace Tripp *
Dragonsong - SF, by Anne McCaffrey *
Rose's Are Red, Violet's Are Blue and Other Silly Poems - children's poetry, compiled and illustrated by Wallace Tripp
Atlantis and Other Places: Stories of Alternate History - AH (short stories), by Harry Turtledove
The Stronghold - children's historical fiction, by Mollie Hunter (Carnegie Medal, 1974)
Dragondrums - SF, by Anne McCaffrey *
Rough Cider - mystery, by Peter Lovesey

14 books last month, with six rereads (marked by asterisks). I'm not setting an official goal this year, though I do expect to read around 200 books.

The one Carnegie Medal winner brings me up to 49 of 71, though I'm afraid I forgot to note what library supplied the ILL.

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