17 April 2011

Medal of Honor: R. T. Emmet


Second Lieutenant, 9th US Cavalry.

Born: 13 December 1854, New York City, New York
Died: 25 October 1936

Citation: Lt. Emmet was in G Troop which was sent to relieve a detachment of soldiers under attack by hostile Apaches. During a flank attack on the Indian camp [at Las Animas Canyon, New Mexico, on 18 September 1879], made to divert the hostiles Lt. Emmet and 5 of his men became surrounded when the Indians returned to defend their camp. Finding that the Indians were making for a position from which they could direct their fire on the retreating troop, the Lieutenant held his point with his party until the soldiers reached the safety of a canyon. Lt. Emmet then continued to hold his position while his party recovered their horses. The enemy force consisted of approximately 200.

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