16 October 2011

Medal of Honor: W. W. Bradley, Jr.


Lieutenant (later Commander), US Navy; USS Pittsburgh (CA 4)

Born: 28 June 1884, Ransomville, New York
Died: 27 August 1954, Santa Barbara, California

Citation: For extraordinary heroism and devotion to duty while serving on the U.S.S. Pittsburgh, at the time of an accidental explosion of ammunition on that vessel. On 23 July 1917, some saluting cartridge cases were being reloaded in the after casemate: through an accident an explosion occurred. Comdr. Bradley (then Lieutenant), who was about to enter the casemate, was blown back by the explosion and rendered momentarily unconscious, but while still dazed, crawled into the casemate to extinguish burning materials in dangerous proximity to a considerable amount of powder, thus preventing further explosions.

Note: USS Bradley (FF 1041) was named in his honour.

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