09 October 2011

Victoria Cross: C. J. Melliss


Captain (local Major), Indian Staff Corps; attached West African Frontier Force

Born: 12 September 1862, Mhow, India
Died: 6 June 1936, Camberley, Surrey

Citation: On the 30th September, 1900, at Obassa, Major Melliss, seeing that the enemy were very numerous, and intended to make a firm stand, hastily collected all stray men and any he could get together, and charged at their head, into the dense bush where the enemy were thick. His action carried all along with him ; but the enemy were determined to have a hand-to-hand fight. One fired at Major Melliss, who put his sword through the man, and they rolled over together. Another Ashanti shot him through the foot, the wound paralysing the limb. His wild rush had, however, caused a regular panic among the enemy, who were at the same time charged by the Sikhs, and killed in numbers.
Major Melliss also behaved with great gallantry on three previous occasions.

[London Gazette issue 27266 dated 15 Jan 1901, published 15 Jan 1901.]

Note: Obassa is now in Ghana.

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