19 February 2012

Victoria Cross: R. H. Keatinge


Major, Bombay Artillery

Born: 17 June 1825, Dublin, Ireland
Died: 24 May 1904, Horsham, Sussex

Citation: For having rendered most efficient aid at the assault of Chundairee [on 17 March 1858], in voluntarily leading the Column through the breach, which was protected by a heavy cross fire. He was one of the foremost to enter, and was severely wounded in the breach. The Column was saved from a serious loss that would probably have resulted, but for Major Keatinge's knowledge of the small path leading across the ditch, which had been examined during the night by himself and a servant, who declined, when required, to lead the Column, without his master. Having cleared the breach; he led into the Fort, where he was struck down by another dangerous wound. The Commander-in-Chief in India states that the success at Chundairee was mainly owing to this Officer, whose gallantry, really brilliant, he considers was equalled by his ability and devotion.
Major Keatinge was at the time a Political Officer with the 2nd Brigade of the Central India Field Force.

[London Gazette issue 22601 dated 25 Feb 1862, published 25 Feb 1862.]

Note: Chundairee (modern Chunderi) is in Madhya Pradesh state, in central India.

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