20 December 2006

Pern meets Bolitho

Or "Pern meets Aubrey and Maturin," if you prefer*. Novik has taken the world of the Napoleonic Wars, and added dragons. The book begins with the capture of a French ship by the British. The new prize turns out to be carrying a dragon's egg; it's about ready to hatch, and when it does, the baby dragon will choose one of the people nearby to bond with. When it does, the pair are transferred from the Royal Navy to the Aerial Corps, to train together to fight the French.

Looks like a book I'm going to have to buy. And wonder of wonders, they actually released all three books together, instead of a year apart like most trilogies. More to come, too....

Oh, and there's a rather amusing short story here.

* I still haven't gotten around to reading any of O'Brian's books, though my father-in-law loves them.

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