25 December 2006

Happy Xmas

Xmas means a lot of things – different things, to different people. Jesus. Snow. Eggnog, fruitcake and stollen. Springerle and other cookies. Gingerbread houses. Well-decorated evergreens (or pieces thereof). Loot. Special movies, like this or (my favourite) this. (Or this.) Songs, like this or this or this*. Clement Moore’s famous poem. (Or try this version.)

This is one thing I really like about the day**. For those who don’t recognize it, the gentleman in the black hat is Hipshot Percussion, and the strip is Rick O’Shay; this particular sample is from 23 Dec 73.

* Oddly, every site I checked had the same incorrect translation for the second line.

** The word balloon in the last panel is a little hard to read: "Happy birthday, boss."

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