12 October 2007

RIP: Anne Christopher

Anne Christopher
4 Mar 1895 - 10 Oct 2007

ZUI this article from the Rome (GA) News-Tribune:
Anne Langston Christopher, who lived in Rome and was listed as Georgia’s oldest documented resident, died Wednesday.

Christopher, who was 112 at the time of her death, moved to Rome from South Carolina in 2002 and lived at both Winthrop Senior Living Home and Fifth Avenue Health Care.

This article, written when Mrs Christopher celebrated her 112th birthday earlier this year, provides more background.

According to the GRG's list of validated supercentenarians, Mrs Christopher was the 7th-oldest American and - since the death of Australian Myra Nicholson last month - the 11th-oldest person in the world. The list now includes 67 women and 7 men, the youngest of whom is Grietje Jansen-Anker, of the Netherlands (born 12 Sep 1897).

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