07 October 2007

Victoria Cross: C. D. Lucas


Mate, Royal Navy; HMS Hecla

Born: 19 February 1834, Drumargole, Armagh, Ireland

Citation: This Officer was promoted to his present rank [of Lieutenant] on the 21st of June 1854, for his gallantry in throwing overboard a live shell, at the first attack on the batteries of Bomarsund [in the Aland Islands]. Captain Hall writes to Sir C. Napier:–"With regard to Mr. Lucas, I have the pleasure to report a remarkable instance of coolness and presence of mind in action, he having taken up, and thrown overboard, a live shell thrown on board the 'Hecla' by the enemy, while the fuze was burning."
(Letter of Captain Hall to Sir C. Napier, 22nd June, 1854.)
Sir Charles Napier, in forwarding Captain Hall's letter, remarks:–"Their Lordships will observe, in Captain Hall's letter, the great courage of Mr. C. D. Lucas in taking up a live shell and throwing it overboard; and I trust Their Lordships will mark their sense of it by promoting him."
(Sir C. Napier to Secretary of Admiralty, 28th June, 1854.)

(London Gazette Issue 21971 dated Feb 1857, published 24 Feb 1857.)

Note: This was the earliest deed for which the Victoria Cross was awarded.

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