22 November 2007


Younger Daughter (nine-almost-ten) had the part of Polichinelle in the local figure-skating club's 10th annual Nutcracker last weekend.

This was her fifth time in the show, and the first time that she had a solo in addition to being part of a group. (She was one of the soldiers fighting with the Nutcracker against the Mouse King.)


Janie said...

Heard at my house from the under teen crowd:


"Cool. I wish I had the courage to learn something like that..."

Very nice, I say.

RM2(SS) said...

Hey, Old Coot.

Figure skaters should have figure skates not hockey boots.

Bet her moves would improve.

RM1(SS) (ret) said...

Actually, those are figure skates, with white boots. They have black fabric covers over them as part of the costume.

RM2(SS) said...

My bad...

I should know that E-6s are smarter than E-5s!

They sure fooled this old geezer's eys.