15 November 2007

RIP: Bertha Fry

Bertha Fry
1 Dec 1893 - 14 Nov 2007

ZUI this article from the Indianapolis (IN) Star:
She could no longer see or hear well, but supercentenarian Bertha Fry remained mentally sharp until the end.

Fry, 113, was the world's third-oldest documented person. She died Wednesday at Ball Memorial Hospital.


Fry was born in Switzerland County [Indiana] in 1893 (the same year actress Mae West was born), attended Hanover College, taught in a one-room school house in southern Indiana and lived in Indianapolis before moving to Muncie to be in the same town as her daughter.

Mrs Fry was listed as the third-oldest person in the world, behind Edna Parker (born 20 Apr 1893), also of Indiana, and Maria de Jesus (born 10 Sep 1893), of Portugal.

With Mrs Fry gone, the Gerontology Research Group (GRG) now has 75 people - 67 females and 8 males - on its list of validated supercentenarians, the youngest being Ruth Meyers Lincoln (born 30 Sep 1897), or Arkansas. 31 of them live in the United States.

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