04 November 2007

Victoria Cross: D. M. Probyn


Major (then Captain), 2nd Punjab Cavalry

Born: 21 January 1833, Marylebone, London

Citation: "Has been distinguished for gallantry and daring throughout this campaign [in India, during the period 1857-58]. At the Battle of Agra, when his squadron charged the rebel infantry, he was some time separated from his men, and surrounded by five or six sepoys. He defended himself from the various cuts made at him, and before his own men had joined him had cut down two of his assailants. At another time, in single combat with a sepoy, he was wounded in the wrist, by the bayonet, and his horse also was slightly wounded; but, though the sepoy fought desperately, he cut him down. The same day he singled out a standard bearer, and, in the presence of a number of the enemy, killed him and captured the standard. These are only a few of the gallant deeds of this brave young officer."
Despatch from Major-General James Hope Grant, K.C.B., dated 10th January, 1858.

(London Gazette Issue 22154 dated 18 Jun 1858, published 18 Jun 1858.)

Note: The same issue of the Gazette reported that:
Her Majesty has also been graciously pleased to made [sic] and ordain a Special Statute of the said Most Honourable Order [of the Bath] for appointing the following Officers in the Service of Her Majesty and of the East India Company, to be Extra Members of the Military Division of the Third Class, or Companions of the said Order, viz.:–
Major Dighton Macnaghten Probyn, 6th Bengal Light Cavalry.
By the time of his death, in 1924, he was General Sir Dighton Probyn VC GCB GCSI GCVO ISO.

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