18 June 2008

Follow-up on HMS Tireless

ZUI this article from the MOD Defence News:
The Ministry of Defence has today, 12 June 2008, released the Board of Inquiry (BOI) report into the tragic loss of two Royal Navy Submariners, and the injury of a third, following an explosion onboard HMS Tireless on 21 March 2007.

The BOI concluded that the explosion which caused the death of Leading Operator Mechanic Paul McCann and Operator Mechanic Anthony Huntrod, was caused by a faulty self-contained oxygen generator (SCOG) which was part of the backup generator and was lit during a routine drill.


The Board has not determined precisely what caused the SCOG to explode. The report identified the most likely cause as significant internal contamination of the cannister with oil, possibly exacerbated by cracking within the cannister. The BOI concluded that the contamination could have occurred in storage on land or onboard submarines, with the latter being the most likely source.

The SCOG, I believe, is the RN equivalent of the US Navy's oxygen candles.

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