06 June 2008

Walking, stalking pterosaurs

Darren Naish and Mark Witton recently published a very interesting paper on azhdarchids. They hold that these giant pterosaurs, which lived during the Cretaceous, hunted like storks - on foot, rather than on the wing. Dr Naish has a blog post which provides links to, amongst other things, the paper itself (Witton, M P & Naish, D, 2008, A reappraisal of azhdarchid pterosaur functional morphology and paleoecology), which is available on-line.

The picture above shows the largest azhdarchid (and pterosaur) known, Hatzegopteryx thambema from western Romania, with a 1.75m-tall human to provide scale.

Illustration: Mark Witton/University of Portsmouth

Update 1121 27 Jun: ZUI this post from SV-POW.

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